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Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Direct Deposit Information - 304421297 / (again) request for assistance and representation /welfare/malko /oct2019
Date: 2019-10-21 08:16
From: chasqui@malko.com
To: "Fleury, Mathieu" <Mathieu.Fleury@ottawa.ca>
Cc: chasquiottawa@malko.com, iap@malko.com

Ottawa, October 21:
Dear Erin Woods and Mathieu,

I did not "made my visa card payment and I got a notice that will be recalled by "collection agency",I will have internet disconnected soon (I do not have a phone since no means to afford one (never got a community startup program or any requested)).
I have child support to do and I do have to eat ... my apartment is on the line too.Is this Canada?I need my welfare allowance, (even that $342 calculated per ) it is October 21st and sadistically NO ONE HELPS until now.I hope I will not lose my apartment and the properties, because of the ineffective social programs in Ontario.What Is done with My file? Who makes My life so hard and why? Why no social worker yet?
Regards, while I wait for my rightful allowance.
I request to be represented by my government and they pretend not to be.
I am 21 days on starving mode by the system ... I hope you just not wait to see election results if Mona from My riding wins so the coordinated abuse can continue.
I just request My welfare for octuber, at this point, (the will do regarding my education and programs available, for now is just BASIC ALLOWANCE I am discriminated against.

Do the right thing, ...

Regards, while I wait.

Przemyslaw Malko
Camino Inca