open quipus: Ottawa, Oct15, 2019 Hard times these days since Mona's mockery of the quipu I made with some of top cops of Peru and Generals with a simple message to the embassies. "Money was stolen STOP open doors for Chasqui Malko STOP information must run STOP may God guide you " ...they risk their lives, they risk their families. And yet, they wish to do the right thing.

Mona? What a shame yet she wishes more of the federal trough... and from her "private office" to pretend not to be
...and yet she has the "face" to run for a public office once again.

I request to be represented by my government and they pretend not to be.
To be or not to be.
To see or not to see.

open quipus:

1) Mona's quipu

2) quipu to Mathieu.Fleury

3) we all know that the Government of Canada is holding the solution (since 1998 we know) and it is a crime indeed.