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Dear Mathieu,,I thank you very much for whatever you have done, indeed
we are advancing some.

I did get the money today for "November"
( or? please analyze


but not the "October" (yet).

Therefore I request the back payment of the October's month, and since
this is not the first time this tactic is used to penalize and say "we
do not do back payments" I am one month behind "everything" even in a
bad situation I was before now is much worse.

To give you an example;
...what it appears to be a coordinated move to put me on the streets and
discredit my character and person I was denounced into a collection
agency. I could make a minimum payment if my "case coordinator" would do
a good job and make sure I have "legal" income (welfare in October).
Now, I need to negotiate with collection agency, but credit, and so on
... perhaps a letter of explanation to the bank would be in place of how
"my octuber was coordinated)

I should not be financially and morally penalized because the welfare
office changes the policy of printing check not securing well being of
the "clients" while transition time. (yet we do need to find a solution
to it)


There are many more complications indeed as internet, rent, and so on.To
start with please secure the back payment for October and imagine for a
moment that you did not get the payment for October because the
"municipality of Ottawa has a transition and do not do back payments. I
had to borrow money to survive, I must equal myself now into previous
"stability" and "clean up" the "mess" and "miss coordination" my "case
coordinator" made.
I thank you :)

I take this opportunity to formulate some request, besides the October's
income pending, (1) Please be fast with that, I was robbed by Ontario on
this one.Please return October due.

(2) this, as you may see repeats many times I mean "many" ... too many"
I have many more examples upon request, yet we do know the reality, and
Indeed there is something to do about it) It can not be that this file
destruction and bad coordination (I may say "falsification" of my
welfare history of coordination)


and bad coordination of "case coordinators" are damaging my Reputation
:) I am right after all

(3) "Case coordinators" are working the way that from My file's history
it seems that Municipality of Ottawa suffers from a short memory


and by
shafting workers, every 3 months does not add up into a
solution.Therefore, once again, i request the presence of a professional
Social WorkerI did not have a social worker since 1998 :) it is a long
time indeed of bad municipal coordination. Please find stability and
continuity and make sure this abuse stops ( I am not insane and all this
is just a bad management of Ontario and Federals


 I need My dignity back and Canada's because it
is a shame on international standards to explain a "case coorinator"
something that in 3 months will need to be done from zero ...
(4) I do have a plan I do have a school to attend that I was
"highjacked" from.
Therefore Please, MAKE ONTARIO WORK :) and open the door to return My


Regards and thank you,,

Przemyslaw Malko
Camino Inca